Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A Bus Journey On Route 8


                                                     KEY FACTS ABOUT ROUTE 8:
  • Operator : Stagecoach London
  • Garage: Bow
  • Vehicle: ALX 400
  • PVR: 30
  • Route: Bow Church- Oxford Circus
  • Frequency: 6-8 mins
  • Many journeys are curtailed at different points on the route

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Oddservations And Odd Workings.

Hello and welcome to a post about odd workings and oddservations. As I always say, if you don't know the word oddservation please view my Observations In Richmond And Ealing post. Anyway, here is an odd working on route 112.

An oddservation on route H37.

An odd working on route 10.

This is a very special picture. This is a broken down DE on route E2. Route E2 is a double decker and two DE's were out yesterday. I have no idea why,  but they were.

I got off my double decker E2 which was behind, so I could get a good picture. Enjoy my picture of DE1008!

London Marathon

Hello, this is a short post to tell you what is happening due to the course of the London Marathon. I was checking London Vehicle Finder and Live Bus Departures deliberately selecting routes that would be affected. I saw route 135 being curtailed at Limehouse, route 188 being curtailed at Cutty Sark, route 100 is being curtailed at Aldgate and route C10 is being curtailed at Elephant & Castle. There have also been frequency issues on the routes above and many more so I suggest maybe taking some pictures of the curtailments. Or, do what I have done  and select certain routes on Live Bus Departures. Odd workings are still unlikely although I found one on route 188 this morning. I will set a challenge: TRY AND BE THE FIRST ONE TO COMMENT AND TELL ME WHAT TYPE OF BUS IS ODD ON ROUTE 188.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

A Bus Journey On Route 65!


                                                 KEY FACTS ABOUT ROUTE 65:
  • Operator: London United
  • Garage: Fulwell
  • Vehicle: Scania OmniCity
  • PVR: 22
  • 24 Hour Service
  • Route: Ealing Broadway-Kingston
  • Frequency: 7-30 minutes
  • It bunches quite frequently

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Observations,Odd Workings, Interiors and iBus.

Hello and welcome to another one of my frequent observations posts. To start us off, a not in service EVOLUTION.

The interior of an E2 TP.

Here is another interior shot.

A short working on route 8.

Most of my regular visitors should know what the word oddservation means. If you don't, go to my Observations In Richmond And Ealing post for a definition. Here is an oddservation on route 427.

Here is a number 8 with a broken door.

This is the front of the broken door 8.

The interior of my E3.

An oddservation on route 243.

Weird iBus.

Here is the number 8 that needs maintenance work.

An oddservation on route 55.

An observation on route 56.

Finally, an oddservation on route 390.

Empty Buses.

Hello and welcome to my Empty Buses post. Very recently, I went on two empty buses where I was the only passenger. This is on a 521.

The front of my 521.

Now we get to the 242. There was a rather embarrasing moment when the iBus screen announced no standing on the upper deck. This was pointing directly at me and I immediately sat back down again...

Finally, the front of my 242.

Short Workings!

Hello and welcome to a very short post. Recently, I saw two short workings within one minute of each other. Here is an odd/short working on route 8.

And here is one on route 242.

Observations in Ealing.

Hello and welcome to my observations post. I will start with an observation on route E3.

I was waiting for an 427 oddservation. If you don't know what oddservation means than look at my Observations in Richmond and Ealing post and you will see a definition.

The rear of an E3.

An oddservation on route 427.

An observation on route 607.

This Scania will be on replacement service for the Metropolitan Line. It's probably active on the replacement service now.

Route 607.

Route 207.

Route 607.

Route 207.

 I then went for a walk up to Drayton Green Road (near West Ealing Station) to see if any odd workings came up. There weren't any.
Route E7.

Route E8.

Route 83.

Back on Drayton Green Road, route E11.

Route E11.

Route E7. The E7 is always very busy.

Route 607.
In the background is an Enviro 400 on route E3. Although that is meant to be on the 92. I see these very frequently. Oddservation? Definately!

Route E2 is bunching.

I looked for any odd workings but none turned up, so I just took some random observations.

Route 427.

Route E8.

Route 427.

Route 427.

Route 207.

A Dial-A-Ride. Weird name.

Route 427.

The Scania 427 came back again pretty quickly.

Route 427.

Route E8.

Route E8 (again).

 I took various shots out of shop windows but none of them were again. I tried to get a TP E8 out of the window but it wasn't good.

Route E8.

A  TP E8.

Finally, a 427.