Thursday, 30 May 2013

New bus company (fictional) !

Hello readers. Before I start my first fictional tender updates there are a few points I shall make. The company's name is London Buses: On The Go. I will be opening new depots at certain points in London.  I will choose my routes by randomly picking bus routes from a list which is provided by myself. I will not just deliberately choose routes near my local area. So here are the first ten routes I will be taking over:

  • Route 17: B9TL 10.4m Gemini 2 introduced.
  • Route 32: 10.6m Scania OmniCity introduced.
  • Route 47: 10.2m Enviro 400 introduced.
  • Route 64: 10.2m Enviro 400 introduced.
  • Route 85: B9TL 10.4m Gemini 2 introduced.
  • Route 1:   10.2m Enviro 400 introduced.
  • Route 101: B9TL 10.4m Gemini 2 introduced.
  • Route 135: VM1 introduced.
  • Route 153: 8.8m Streetlite introduced.
  • Route 173: 12m Citaro introduced.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Rail Replacements 18/05/13

LK04 HYM on service A.

YN61 RPU on service A.

LK53 EZA on service A.

Weird blinds! BD09 ZPS on service B.
 I did get on one. It was a First TN with only one other passenger on board. Upstairs was empty (empty buses number two!) and to prove it...
 My bus was extremely rattly and I should have taken a film. I enjoyed it a lot though!

LK03 NKR on service A.

LK03 GFZ on service A.

LT52 XAB on service A.

To round off, LK03 EZA shows up again!

Monday, 20 May 2013

Other Observations...

Route E11 was on diversion due to a march to save Ealing Hospital.

iBus at St. Pauls. Route 56 was bunching on that day. Consequently, there was a 17 minute gap near Leyton.

iBus at Barbican.

This bus is now not allocated to any route because route 67's contract has been awarded to Arriva, therefore the Presidents have no use. This shot was taken three days after the 67's new contract began so this almost an archive.

Hounslow garage, with a contrast of buses. VM1 next to a centre- staircase President.

Return of the centre-staircases! As this shot was taken the exact same day as the one above.

The interior of DPS 705. Weirdly, this was on the rather dull route H22.

New seat moquette on DPS 705.

Oddservation on route 391.

Another oddservation on route E2. TP433 has the wrong blinds as it is heading towards Greenford Broadway.

A broken down not in service 190.

iBus in Northfields.

iBus at Elephant and Castle.

Interior on route 360.

WHY2 at Royal Albert Hall.

iBus on route 360.

This was in Isleworth and stopped at the Star Road stop. Interesting...

Refurbished Spirit of London heads along Roseberry Avenue.

Not in service 190.

KP02 PUJ completes a journey at Brentford.

SN51 SYF on route 267.

Big gap on route 297.

Finally, an areal shot of route 395. I was on the very high bridge to cross the A40.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

A Day Out 06/05/13...

I had a very early start and was out of my front door at 6:47 am. This was after phoning TFL to ask when the last N9 from Brentford was. Annoyingly, countdown needed maintenance work and it didn't finish until 6:30 am. Anyway, I set off to Brentford Magistrates Court on an E2. I checked countdown (it was working then) and the N9 was still 13 minutes. So I walked down two stops to Goat Wharf. A long journey follows...

The bus stop flag at Goat Wharf.
 Sadly, the usual Sunday service on the N9 was not on. I think this because it was May Day bank holiday. The N9 arrived at 7:14 and it was only going to Hounslow Bus Station. I was very annoyed because I wanted to ride the bus to Heathrow Terminal 5. I am going to do the full journey in the summer at some point. So I boarded ready to go.
SP108 arriving.

The iBus screen.

I got off at Hounslow Bus Station thinking about where I should go next. I decided to go to Heathrow Central using the 111.

The N9 I was on.

Hounslow Garage.

I could then see a 111 at the end of Hounslow High Street ready to leave. I ran as fast as I could and...

Yes, I made the bus. I took a shot of the iBus screen. I was on a lowheight SP although I prefer the normal SP's.

Hounslow Garage at 7:24 am.

This is ridiculous. Why put a GIVE WAY sign in front of a bus stop. This was in a residential which I personally found quite boring.

Another shot of the GIVE WAY bus stop.
 After that the 111 got interesting again and was speeding along the main road near Heathrow Central. Then I went through the vehicle tunnel for the first time. I loved going through the tunnel, I was also in my favourite seats which was good. After a long detour around Terminals 1 and 3 (and using 7 travelators) I needed to go back home. I waited for the first bus that would lead me in the right direction. I decided to let the U3 go because I did the whole journey before and it took me over an hour.
Here is LK03 NLT.

I boarded an A10 which would be a faster way to get to Uxbridge.

The interior of LK58 FLW.

The two shots below were taken while going through the vehicle tunnel. It looks like the single deck version of London Ghost tours. Except that there's not really much to see apart from the other side of a dual carriageway and other buses.

My A10 nearly crashed into a U5 near Stockley Park.
 I then arrived at Uxbridge. I just missed a 607 (that's the bus I wanted to get back to my local area) so I decided to do some bus observations.
YX10 BFP on route U5.

BK10 MEV on route 427. This left 10 minutes before my 607 although the bus I was on overtook the 427 in Southall.

LK03 UFU on route U4.

LK53 FDN on route U2.

LK53 FDG on route U3.

YX62 BYG on route 222.

Two buses ready to leave.

LK08 FMC going somewhere in London.

The inside of Uxbridge garage.

The Uxbridge Garage logo.

LK08 FLW on route A10.
I then boarded a 607 and was home at 9:59. All in all, a brilliant day out squeezed into 2 hours and 12 minutes.