Friday, 30 August 2013

About Posts Coming In The Next Week Or Two

Hello, just letting you know that you shall expect lots of long posts coming up.

A Day Out 16/08/13

 Hello, sorry I haven't done a post for a while. I've been to Swansea/Neath and a post about my trip will be coming up in September. Anyway, on 16th August I went to Kingston/Surbiton. But at Surbiton Station there were no signs for the K1 bus stop. So I just turned left....
                                                             And I went to the wrong bus stop.

 Still, I got on the 418 to Kingston and it was better than the K1. The 418 is the first bus owned by Quality Line that I've ridden in my life!

It started raining.

I alighted the 418 at Cromwell Road Bus Station and covered the K1 and the K3.

Refurbished seats on an SDE working route K2.

I got the 371 to Richmond, got a 65 to Popes Lane and then got the E3 home. I have some more pictures below!
              Before we get back to the Kingston pictures, here are a few random observations.

Rare working!

Rare working!


At Ealing Broadway a Dart Pointer had broken down. To replace it, Abellio put out a 62reg E200.

                                         I boarded a Southern service in the morning.

More Kingston pictures:

Whilst trying to find the 371 stop, I looked out for MBK1. But it didn't come.

I got on the 371.

                                        The E3 I boarded to get home had a faulty iBus.

                                                Finally, some more Kingston pictures.

                                                      Thanks for reading this long post!