Thursday, 24 October 2013

Ealing Half Marathon Diversions

 Hello,due to the Ealing Half Marathon lots of routes were diverted onto roads such as Northfield Avenue. I went out to take some pictures.

This bus was stationary at Northfields for over an hour.

Rare curtailment!

Not one E2 on the iBus countdown.
There it is!

This shows how the routes were effected by the marathon.


Thanks for reading/looking at the pictures in this post.

Willesden Bus Garage Open Day 2013

 Hello,on 5th October 2013 Willesden Bus Garage hosted another one of Metroline's fantastic open days.

 There was a blind change on a VP at the garage.

The routemaster that got de-roofed. Poor little fella.

The LT on route "666" took me to Willesden Junction garage and back.

Someone has been very naughty!

Metroline LT3? LT3 was with Arriva London until it vanished into another country...

Thanks for reading/looking at the pictures! Part two will be coming soon.