Thursday, 15 May 2014

Random Observations-12/04/14 (Late Post)

The reason I put up the words "late post" in the title, is because it's May. The month of the date in the title clearly shows that the month this was meant to be published was not May and it is passed the 12th of May let alone the 12th of the date above. Anyway, here goes another Random Obs post:

I was on DN33640 on my way to the Brick Lane Bagel (or Beigel) Bake. Whilst my 26 crawled up Waterloo Bridge I noticed how clean the interior was of the HV in front of me. Then I noticed they were all this clean. Arriva can definitely look after some buses but I've seen DLA's looking like a pile of rubbish before.

As there was a protest march on The Strand the 15 was curtailed to Aldwych for the day.
The 15  used to run from Blackwall-Paddington Basin, but it was cut back to Upper Regent Street in early 2012. I think this was a very bad decision for a number of reasons. For a few months in 2012, Paddington Basin wasn't served by buses, until route 159 got extended from Marble Arch to Paddington Basin. It was handy at times, but still wasn't ideal when you wanted to get to Paddington from places like Strand and Fleet Street. Although, in March 2014 the 159 got cut back to Marble Arch and Paddington Basin has no bus again. This made me annoyed the other day, because I had just missed two number 23 buses and I needed to get to Paddington. As it was a Sunday (and the 23 wasn't very frequent), the next 23 bus was in 16 minutes. I saw three 15's pass by in that time whilst I waited at the stop. I suggested to Prole Dancer that we nip down to Trafalgar Square and get a 159 up to Paddington, but then I remembered that the 159 didn't go there anymore. Eventually, the 23 came and it was packed. There were no seats at all on the bus and I was squashed like a lemon until 2 stops later, where some people upstairs got off the bus. I sat in their seats (upstairs, one from the back) and enjoyed a very slow journey to Paddington. I then got off the packed DN (which had all over advertisement for the film Rio 2 on it) and had to run for the 15:15 train... I made it! But that is one scenario where I wished there was another bus from The West End into Paddington.

A curtailed 25 moves along Cheapside (or whatever it's called).

Right, now this is interesting. Since the 341 moved garages, its buses have received new blinds, which means that its buses keep going out on routes like the 149. As a result, there are daily appearances of DB300 Gemini buses on the 341. There will be a picture of one of the 341 Gemini's in one of the coming Random Obs posts.

An Abellio London E400 prepares for the journey back to Clapham Junction on route 344.

Once the Man Evolution buses allocated to routes 90 and E6 are refurbished, the Enviro 200's will migrate to Kings Cross garage to replace ageing DLD's on route 214.

A number 242 bus curtailed to Holborn Circus.

A broken down ALX400 on route 8.
 Tut tut tut, a broken down ALX400 on route 8. When the 3-door Hybrid's arrive in June you will still see broken down buses by the looks of it, because I have seen two broken down LT's in the past couple of weeks (LT113 on route 390 and LT149 on route 10).
The rear of the broken down bus.

Finally, DE1323 stands at St. Bartholomews Hospital.
Thanks for looking at the pics, reading the text and captions and viewing this post!